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October 21st, 2005

04:47 pm - Upon Pooh-Bear and the Flying Monkeys T-shirt
Hello everyone! I dunno what to put, it feels really starnge updating again. Life at the moment mainly consists of college which is sehr koolio cos you kann go there + do what you want which is not lie skoolio. But i'm lookin forward to half term which is today, yippee, and youth hostelling. Also tis a halloween half term cos we get monday off cos tis a teacher training day so that is good also.
i'm thinking about butterflies at the moment. Smicksy has a very nice trapped butterfly neckalce which is veryverypretty and there is also the butterfly on Blackout posters which is bleeding black blodd and looks as if it has been pinned to the wall mid-flight.
(cheerful observation)
I also remember at random moments that I have to write a story for english which makes me a bit panicky cos tis aaaages since I have written a story and I haven't a clue what it's goiing to be about.
OK then. I had better go and do some homeyworkey. Have fun people! *lots of love* from Jennyxxx
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July 25th, 2005

06:05 pm - Flower rangolis
I'm updating again
The weather is not so good right now but there is only so much good weather you kann have in summer and if there was no bad weather we wouldn't know what good weather was (though this isn't really bad weather) and I'm sure twill clear up soon. Oh wahey for boundless optimism.
I have singing lessons :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D albeit irregularly, but much better than nothing :D:D:D and although my voice sounds crap at the moment, ruth the very nice singing teavher (she alsogoes to our meeting) says it will get better yay. Then i will be able to sing beautiful beautiful songs yippeeeee!!!!!!!!!!
Mother tells me that the garlic is ready to pull up, which is good because it means that we will be able to go between the raised beds and the raspberries to weed the beds and twill be much easier.
I ride my bike and i seem to be rather good at getting lost in the city I've lived in for 16 years. Shameful it is. I ended up on the road to selby today (tis a good thing i kann read road signs)
Picnicking in the museum gardens mit smix + rhi + han + wednesday + jade + james + laura + mathers + lotsa other people was fun. But i thinnk the fairtrade stall thingies in town was funner. There was nifty myuuuusik and koolio elfin hats and i forgot to back the next day + get one :(
Tis nearly teatime so i will go (and i might pull up the garlic). Byebye xxxz
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Current Music: Loreena McKennit

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July 11th, 2005

03:15 pm - look everybody! i kann fly!!!
So yeah, i'm updating. Got back from the lake district the other day. Tis all sunny now :D and i am going to make bread soon :D oh yeah, for an account of our adventures go see hannah's lj: applestew
Did the school concert, twas ok. Then i went into town with smix and met james and lots of other people. Then we went into the magical realm of lush shop and got glitterfied and i bought a bath bomb, because there's only so many times you kann go to lush without eventually submitting...it's like sinking into a quicksand of glitter and yummy smells...
Then smix went home and i proceeded back to the museum gardens and watched people doing backflips against walls, and only some of them fell over, i was quite impressed.
Yesterday we went to beningbrough hall cos twas ellie's bday, and twas all hot + sunny :D and looked at plants and bought books and ate rachelcake chocolate cake.
Our raspberries are extremely productive this year!!!!!!!!! yippeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will leave you with that joyfulness.

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May 13th, 2005

12:17 pm - mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon
I've jus done my italian speaking test and now i'm in the last i.t lesson ever woohooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! However i am still panicking about art argh. I may go and do some this lunchtime, if i don't go to history revision...help... Suddenly i have so much stuff to do befor i leave skoolio and there's less than 5 days left and not enough time.
I want some vaseline or some of that yummy lush lip balm only that costs too much. I don't like lypsyl cos it never works, it always seems to be kinda dry :( though if i kept it in my pocket it would probably melt a bit and work better.
Yesterday i had a craving for cheese on toast and then ifound an apricot that i hadn't eaten at lunchtime so i ate that.
Random neds in my i.t group are singing 'killing me softly' and i jus remembered that it's the song that the boy called marcus sings in about a boy, which i saw the other night cos rachel was watching it.
I find myself wanting to learn french, i mean more than I have for the last few years.
I'm hungry.

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May 12th, 2005

05:40 pm - Yellow flowers
Hello again my good and sweet and patient friends. Y0ou sometimes taste like sugar.
I’m updating again!!!!
I did extra Italian after skoolio today cos tis my speaking test tomorrow and I originally came on the computer to forget about it and stop panicking but I have now just stupidly reminded myself of it again.ggrrhhrrffhrhfhweihffn
Ah well, reading people’s ljs has cheered me up  thankies for updating all you lovely peepeses (and sorry). Sorry is a word that I said more than usually often today cos I played tennis with alice in pe and of course I can’t play tennis (neither can she) so I had to keep saying ‘sorry’ rather like Jared, Elizabeth’s mystery note-leaver in Feeling Sorry For Celia.
The other week I read Hoe I live now and I liked it but now it has gorne baacckk to the library  and tis extremely strange and peculiar to think that in a little more than a week’s time I will not be able to borrow any more books from the skoolio library cos I won’t be at sckhkoolio any more ………………..
In the meantime, I think everyone should eat cinnamon toast and chocolate. See you all later, love from jennyxxxxx

Oh yeah, I forgot – I went to the Steiner fayre on Saturday with smix and had much fun doing not much behind her stall (which was very very preeettyyy) and trying to avoid the rain and sve all the suff from it. I also finally learnt how to make dreads with mohair  so han you should have some sooooonnnn…..when I get round to it
Current Mood: nervousnervous
Current Music: nowt

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April 27th, 2005

11:08 am - Apples not autumn
Hi everyone, hello. I’m not at skoolio today cos I have a cold so that is why I am updating. Moooooo, tis spring *yay* and sunny outside. Sunny weather inspring is happyful. Ummmm…..yeah, since last update I have flown kits in the rain, been to smix’s party, run around in short skirts, danced, been to a raaather good battle of the bands, been to London, eaten about ½ a green+blacks dark chocolate easter egg, sat by a fire by the river, stayed up all night + been running + seen the rising sun from the windmill, that was at Hannah d’s party, and been to Yorkshire general meeting and nearly eaten a chocolate cake with salt + pepper sprinkled on it, heard some nifty trancy musick, eaten yummy muesli with yoghurt + milk on it, + had a really hot bath. I have also re-read northern lights and I’m a little way through the subtle knife now, which is rather exciting.
I finished my art exam the other day, it came out okay. I’m not really thinking about all the other exams, or about leaving school; my mind prefers to dwell on summer and sun and freeeeeeeeedommmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yeah! Woohoooooo!!!!!!
I intend to make an omelette for lunch today. Whether I’ll get round to it I do not know.
There are builders outside at the moment building an extension on the side of our house. I came home from skoolio yesterday and there was a huge window cut into the wall up our stairs, more then 2metres high, and tis all exciting and it all seems to be happenenign very fast.
Watching shaun of the dead on friday (or was it saturday?) was rather fun, and the chocolate brownies greatly improved the evening.
Yesterday I saw a dead sock on the path and I thought it was a living pigeon.
Red pens are useful sometimes.
Gosh, it’s half past eleven *shock* and tis the Steiner school fayre soon!
I will leave now, with perhaps an incentive to updating more often since so many of my friends seem to have LJs now, but probably I won’t.
00ooh, I might go and see if I kann find petshop of horrors or other manga on the internet. But it’s more likely that I’ll go to my room and do stuff.
Byebye, keep well all, love from jennyxxxxxxx
Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: Loreena McKennit

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February 10th, 2005

03:54 pm - Pinkness
Hello people! Look, I’m updating! Sorry I have been neglecting lj for so long…
I have no excuse.
Recently I had my 16th birthday party with Hannah ward *yay* and we had muchmuch fun with lots of yummy food and games and pervertedness.
Tis half term, yay!!!!!! Freedom!!!! And I will be going to HS reunion tomorrow.
The world is sunny and I am happy. I have a kite to fly, I am planning to do that in March. Yesterday was much fun; me and Micky dressed up as poirates and leprechauns and went down to the river and took photos and it rained. I climbed trees *happy treehugger*
The other day I saw fire at a firefest. Twas fantasticcccccccccc and firey and twas all darrrrrrk and pagan, and very exciting!!!!!!!!! There were people juggling fire and doing firepoi and spinning fire like a human catherine wheel…….
I have a raaaaather nice poster of brody dalle (thankyou alice) which is above my bed, yummy. yay and tis sunny and there is blossom on the trees in rowntree park, and daffodils, and there are still snowdrops, woohoo!!!!
I will stop writing now, byebye, I will try to update more regularly. Have a nice day, don’t eat daffodils, go out in the wind and get windblown. Love from jennyxxx
Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: The Distillers - City of Angels

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November 30th, 2004

05:23 pm
Lord of the rings
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05:08 pm
[info]sugarjelly is love
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November 26th, 2004

08:45 pm - Queen of purpleness
Last weekend was purple. Went to Alice’s on Friday night, saw bridget jones’es diary, walked back home in the freezing darkness which was one of the first purple things that happened that weekend.
Got home, ate, talked etc, eventually went to sleep, got up, went out, met Hannah ward and went into town to the station to meet: faeryboy, esther, Emily and Rachel sister and rosie ward. Rosie lavelle was already with us. Tis confusing.
Then we went to the fountain to meet em…laurie wasn’t there to lead us to the Steiner fayre but we got there eventually anyway. Ate adam’s (faeryboy’s) vegitinarian sausage sandwich, walked to the Steiner fayre, drew orange peace signs…saw a koolio big issue seller…bought icky coffeeeeeeeeeee + drank it, managing to spill much of it over my gloves (ow) + now they smell of coffeeeeeeeeee. Well they probably don’t anymore because I put them in the wash…oh well.
That was all purple also. Got to the Steiner fayre which was jus purple all over yay!!!!!!!!! Laurie was there; apparently I’d told him the wrong time to meet; this may or may not be true. Wandered round…was blissfully, blissfully happy…bought nummy things for xmas pressies….’helped’ micky with her stall (ie. sat behind it falling off Rhiannon) and at the very end bought the niftiest purple felt hat.
Then I went home…walked through the gates of narnia + rowntrees park + twas after closing time so twas mostly empty and the day was all cold glittery frosty beautiful. Got home, ate very spicy yummy Indian food, went out again to fibbers gig.
Met peepses, also ellie + becky yay, + walked to fibbers…more walking the same way as alice’s in nifty purpleness frsty darkness coldness. Go into fibbers without id yay, sat on tables, listened to good bands + danced to them, listened to crap band + boogied to it, much funnnesss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Left, ate chocolatle mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmymuumunyunuess
Walked back to micky’s with micky + rhi, drank yummy mango yea, went to bed.
On Sunday I got up, had a shower yay, ate breakfast, rushed to bus, missed it + got the next one. Got to meeting just a minute too late to go into meeting proper, but sat with dad + cut out leaves, then did tea with Mary Rose. Twas brilliant to see everyone + talk to them again, since I haven’t been to meeting for what feels like months.
Then I got home. That afternoon and evening were not so purple, but oh well.
Hmm. Yes. This week was normal…skoolio. Only today we have the day off ayayay, so I have jus been into town with sisters xmas shopping. Mmmmmmeeeeeehhhhhhh xmas stress……
Mm, tomorrow will also be an xmassy staying at home with family day. So will Sunday, I think. Ah well, at least I have got round to updating lj…yes, sorry people for the long delay. I have no excuse. Cya all laterxxxcccvvvxxxbbb

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